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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy an Adult Bunk Bed

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Bunk beds have always been a fantastic choice for children’s rooms. Although bunk beds are usually seen in children’s rooms, they’re not limited to children—in recent years, they’ve evolved to become a popular amenity across hotels, inns, and rentals. The right adult bunk bed can do more than just free up space—it can offer a multitude of benefits to enjoy!

Here are some of the reasons why replacing your ordinary bed with an adult bunk bed is the best choice to make:

1. Maximizes Floor Space

Using vertical space isn’t just limited to shelving or installing hooks on the wall—you can also use adult bunk beds to free up square footage if your room doesn’t have much to spare! With only one bed occupying floor space, you’ll have more opportunities to add features or furniture to your room.

Aside from saving on floor space for desks and drawers, bunk beds also eliminate the need for additional furniture. You can add under-bed storage for clothes or other items to get more out of your space.

2. Saves on Costs

Buying a bed can be costly, but two beds have a much heftier price tag. If you want to save money but don’t want to resort to sharing one bed and being uncomfortable throughout the night, the adult bunk bed is the perfect solution.

Purchasing just one bunk bed is much cheaper than buying two beds. With a bunk bed, everyone can have their own designated sleep space without spending on headboards and foundations or box springs.

3. Accommodates More People

If you have a rental or Airbnb, you’ll want to provide a spacious and comfortable night of sleep for as many guests as you can. If you don’t have the budget or don’t plan on adding a room or two to your property, you can instead replace your standard beds for adult bunk beds!

An adult bunk bed is an efficient and affordable way of conserving space while taking several people in one room. Our larger bed options at Big Sky Bunks, such as our King adult bunk bed, can significantly increase your guest room or vacation rental’s sleeping capacity while ensuring that guests can sleep comfortably.

4. Increases Design Opportunities

Any room can be visually appealing, no matter the size. Although smaller rooms have less space, there are still several opportunities to get creative and incorporate attractive and clever design elements.

With an adult bunk bed to take up as little room as possible, you and your designers can create a cozy living space or sitting area. When you have more space, you can develop a layout that adds character while also increasing your rental’s profitability, giving you an understandable reason to charge a little more.

5. Provide a Unique Sleep Experience

Bunk beds aren’t just fun for children—they can offer an enjoyable and unforgettable experience for adults, too! Since bunk beds allow for two or more people to sleep in one room, guests can have an opportunity to sleep together and bond and talk about their trips.

With excellent interior design, adding an adult bunk bed to a room can help create positive memories for your guests and encourage them to come back.


Adult bunk beds aren’t just a fun way to sleep—they’re also an essential part of designing a rental space, which could increase your profitability. As long as you purchase an adult bunk bed from a trusted manufacturer, you’re sure to provide your guests with the best sleep experience!

Have you been looking for the best adult bunk bed in America? Then, you’ve come to the right place! Our bunk beds here at Big Sky Bunks are built from premium timbers and lumber to furnish high-end vacation homes, vacation rentals, and bunk rooms around the country. Shop for our bunk beds today!

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