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5 Important Things to Look For in an Adult Bunk Bed

When it comes to buying an adult-sized bunk bed, the phrases "convenience" and "efficiency" come to mind right away. They are practical for growing families or adults looking to maximize their available space, and they offer unique functionality and style.

Now, we compiled a list of the crucial things you must consider as you look for your next adult bunk bed!

The Durability

When contemplating an adult bunk bed, the first two criteria that come to mind are its weight and durability. Although bunk beds are commonly associated with children, they have evolved over time. Strong bunk beds were originally made for people looking for comfort without compromising space. When purchasing your own, ask about materials, quality, and pricing. Seek professional advice and do your due diligence on the brands you’re looking into.

The Purpose

The second factor to consider is the purpose of your adult bunk bed. Are you looking for a solution to make the most of the limited space in a hotel room? Is your little apartment desperate for more space without sacrificing comfort? Would you like to buy this for your growing children?

Defining your primary goals for this transaction can help you answer these questions. This will help you resolve sizing and safety concerns during the course of your search.

The Size

Which size adult bunk bed do you require? Which type do you need: a Twin Over Full or a King Over King? Don't worry; this is a frequently asked question!

To begin, measure your space to guarantee that the bed will fit and that you will be able to sit up without hitting the ceiling. After that, think about sizing. A queen mattress is the most common mattress size for couples. A king-size bed is recommended by many sleep experts because it allows you to move freely without falling over the side or interfering in your companion’s space.

The Safety Requirements

When it comes to bunk beds, safety comes first. Here are some general rules to follow: To begin, consider purchasing or installing bed safety rails to reduce the chance of falling. Next, have guardrails measured before purchasing and installing them. To avoid accidents, guardrail gaps should be no more than 3.5 inches.

Weight restrictions, room height, correct ladder assembly, securement, and suggested mattress thickness should also be considered for safety concerns.

The Design

Finally, as with selecting any other piece of furniture for your home, keep the style in mind. Because your bed is usually the largest piece of furniture in the room, it functions as a focal point.

Consider the room's design. Do you prefer a modern or contemporary aesthetic, and have you settled on a color scheme? Will your new bed match the rest of your furniture? Your adult bunk bed should be stylish enough for adults while still being child-safe.


Beds should be equipped with the right mattress, made of sturdy materials, and provide overall comfort and safety. It should also be the style you want and the size that offers ample space to sleep. With this guide, you might get your dream adult bunk bed; just remember these tips on your next search.

If you’re in search of adult bunk beds for sale, Big Sky Bunks handcrafts high-end bunk beds designed for safe use by kids and adults. Built from premium timber and lumber from around the Pacific Northwest, you are guaranteed only the best. Shop for yours today!

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