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5 Ways to Decorate Your Rental Property

Furnishing a short-term rental home can be incredibly fun—but it comes with a level of stress that you may not have encountered. On one hand, you have full creative freedom in a space that you don’t have to live in yourself. On the other hand, it must be something that is both practical and welcoming for visitors, but not at the great expense of your budget.

The impact of the decor is significant. In fact, the way you decorate has the potential to attract visitors or discourage them from making a booking. So how do you furnish the space in a way that’s both visually appealing and functional? Here is our advice to guide you on your quest for converting your property into a successful money-making machine!

Don't Make the Space Too Personal

Renters do not want to feel as though they are invading someone else's personal space. While it may seem natural to put up a few family pictures, it’s best to keep them for your own home. A rental space is better decorated with neutral artwork and some interesting décor. A decent rule of thumb is to adhere to a neutral color palette and choose things that aren't too daring. The most refined décor is kept basic and represents the culture in which it is situated. You’ll find that simple and elegant is almost always best!

Give the Details the Attention They Deserve

It is important to remember that detail is everything, and you do not want your area to be too small. Adding wall sconces, dimmable lights, and task lighting will do wonders for the lighting situation. Some functional decor such as coffee table books and some other reading material is another wonderful way to make your tenants feel at ease. If you don't have enough closet space in the bedrooms, add bureaus and armoires to give your visitors additional space to store their luggage.

Although you may know the local place through and out, your visitors will only have Google as a guide. Another excellent suggestion is to provide travel guides and a list of local recommendations. A collection of places to go within the vicinity, such as charming coffee shops or the finest burger joints in town, is a lovely touch that your visitors will enjoy.

Maximize the Sleeping Space

The more room you have, the more flexibility you’ll be able to provide. Whether you're renting to a large family or a group of friends, look for ways to maximize sleeping space because it may very well make or break your rental. Adding lofted beds or queen bunk beds for adults is a simple way to create a pleasant, functional, and secure sleeping space. It’s also a lot of fun! Whether you want a luxury bunk bed to sleep more people, a loft bed to optimize space in the room, or a mix of the two, plenty of sleeping space enhances your rental property, allows you to accept bigger bookings, and keeps your visitors coming back.

Choose the Right Furniture

As a general rule, the furnishings in rental homes should be beautiful and durable, but not too expensive as you’ll probably be replacing them more often than you would in your own house. Opt for items that are both sturdy and easy to maintain. Microfiber and wool are a few of the best materials for sofas—the former thanks to its stain-resistant properties and the latter for its durability. Leather is another excellent choice thanks to its elegant appearance and ease of cleaning. That said, it scuffs easily, so if your target audience is made up of families and potential pets, it may be best to choose something else. For further protection, consider adding slipcovers to the couch and chairs.

Design With Convenience in Mind

One of the first questions visitors will have is the WiFi password and how to use the remote—so design with these considerations in mind. Make the living room the focal point of the house, and arrange it such that your visitors will want to sit back, relax, and watch TV there. Consider placing the WiFi password and some basic instructions on the coffee table or by the entryway in a space where guests are sure to see it.

The same principle applies to the kitchen. Appliances such as a dishwasher, coffee maker, and microwave oven should be kept visible and within easy access. These facilities will be appreciated by your visitors regardless of how long they stay.

Final Thoughts

Design decisions that are smart and practical are some of the most remarkable ways to improve guest experiences. The effect of design on a property's attractiveness is significant. Paying careful attention to how you dress a space will significantly impact the number of guests that stay at your property and your profit. Travelers want to do more than travel someplace on their vacation; they will want to experience living in your space.

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