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How Bunk Beds Can Increase The Revenue of Your Vacation Rental.

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Making your vacation rental earn you an extra $135 per night.

Vacation rentals are a great way to earn extra revenue with properties you own. Most of the time, these properties aren't places that you're looking to hire a contractor and add a room to. With the bedrooms and space you currently have, there is one sure-fire way to increase the revenue of your vacation rental: bunk beds. In one room, you can increase the capacity of your rental by 2 guests with the addition of a bunk bed.

In a recent data survey of hundreds properties around Lake Tahoe, California, the price per night of a 2 bedroom home that sleeps 4 guests is $155/night. Alternatively, the price per night of the same size home that sleeps 6 guests increased dramatically to $285/night!

"I love being a short term rental owner because I get to own a business. One competitive advantage in short term rentals is the number of people you can sleep, but the problem is finding a way to increase capacity without sacrificing comfort" said Daniel McNeely, owner of several rental properties in the Big Bear, California area. "Big Sky Bunks adult bunk beds look amazing, increase capacity and create a WOW moment for everyone who see’s them."

The most popular bunk size built by Big Sky Bunks is a Queen over Queen. With a base price of $4250, it would take 31 rented days to pay off your initial investment if your nightly price was increased by $135. If you rent your property out for an average of 7 days per month, it would only take 4.5 months to pay off the bunk bed at the new nightly price. After that, the bunk bed would earn you an extra $945 per month or $11,340 per year!

The Big Sky Bunk Bed is built from premium timbers and lumber from around the Pacific Northwest. We built these premium adult bunk beds to furnish the high end vacation homes, vacation rentals and bunk rooms around the country. Although we designed these high end bunk beds for adults, they are great for kids as well due to the excellent construction and safety.

There are many different ways to increase the revenue of your short term vacation rental, but adding a bunk bed to the room is one of the easiest. Not only will your rental property earn more for you, but your featured photos on AirBNB & VRBO will look amazing!

Shop our bunks here!

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