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Our Guide to Changing Sheets on a Loft or Bunk Bed

Are you always stressing out with how you deal with changing sheets of your bunk bed? While this mundane task seems easy, it is often not. The difficulty of changing your sheets is determined by your bed's size, location in your room, and physical capabilities. Moreover, making your bed is a simple method to establish a daily routine while also keeping your home tidy and pleasant. However, one of the most frequent challenges from curious owners of bunk beds for grown-ups is how simple or difficult it is to change the linens.

To make this task easy for you to tackle, you can use these helpful tips to make bed sheet changing easier.

Use A Step Stool

A step stool or small ladder is an excellent solution to overcome the most common hurdle that most people face in changing sheets - which is reaching the farthest reaches of the bed without needing to be on top of the mattress. For example, if you're changing the sheets on a bunk bed, you can use the bottom bunk to raise yourself while you change the sheets on the top bunk. When changing sheets on a loft or bunk bed, using a step stool is remarkable. With a few extra inches, it can make things go easier.

Lift the Mattress

Another simple technique to offer yourself some modest help is to pull the mattress off the slats. You can then rest half of it on the guard rails. That makes reaching all four corners from practically any posture much easier. You can even rotate the mattress 180 degrees so that the opposing and undressed side is perched on the rails. That enables you to simply fix the sheet on both sides of the mattress before repositioning it or placing it back to its original position.

Pull the Bed

By pulling the bed frame away from the wall, you can significantly simplify the bed-making process. If your living space allows it, you may be able to access more, if not all, four sides of the mattress. That will undoubtedly make attaching a fitted sheet to each corner and firmly tucking the blanket ends easier.

Try Sheet Traps

It is recommended to invest in sheet straps to improve your loft or bunk bed experience. Clipping these straps to the fitted sheet while changing keeps everything tight until the next time you need to remove them. When your bottom layer sheet is always firmly in place, making the bed each day will be a less strenuous task. Changing sheets on any type of bed may be a stressful experience, but it's more aggravating when your sheets come off in the middle of the night, and you have to re-secure them on a fully dressed mattress.

Adjust Your Tuck

Tucking in only one side of the bed is a brilliant hack. You can accomplish this by aligning your comforter with the side of the mattress that isn't visible from the bed. Tuck any excess comforter fabric under the mattress on the visual side and foot of the bed. That creates the same appearance of cleanliness for any visitors you may have. When you get into bed, all they have to do is pull the untucked corner of the comforter and crawl beneath for a restful night's sleep.

Ask for Help

That isn't always an option, but when it is, it can make the entire process go much more quickly and efficiently. Don't be discouraged if you're attempting this task on your own. There are still plenty of techniques to dress your mattress on your own effectively. However, asking for help from somebody or with expertise can be a huge help. When changing the linens on your loft or bunk bed, ask for assistance whenever feasible.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your bunk or loft bed clean and tidy can elevate the whole mood of the entire room. However, it can be extra challenging to change sheets now and then. Whether you live alone or maximize your space for rentals like Airbnb, you can always find the proper technique to do a simple yet essential task.

If you're looking for an experienced maker of custom bunk beds for grown-ups, Big Sky Bunks is here to help. Having a design fit for your space can help you get the most of your area and make extra tasks like changing sheets a lot easier. Check out our website to see what we offer!

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