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5 Innovative Bunk Bed Ideas for Your Home

Bunk beds are probably one of the most innovative pieces of furniture ever to be invented. Aside from their space-saving features, they can also be a fun and welcoming addition to your home. Both children and adults enjoy sleeping in a bunk bed, especially if it’s been designed for comfort and aesthetics. Here are some of the most innovative custom bunk bed designs you should consider building for your home.

Extra Tall Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are an amazing way to save horizontal space in any room. But no one ever told you to save space vertically when getting a bunk bed designed for your room. You can have extra tall, adult-sized bunk beds made as long as you have enough space left in the room. These bunk beds have been designed with adults in mind as it has enough space between the bunks, so you don’t bang your head when getting into bed.

Mezzanine Play Space

Have you ever heard of a triple bunk bed? While that’s not entirely outrageous, it’s actually quite an impractical design, especially if your children are going to sleep in it. Instead, what you can do is switch up the third bunk bed for a cool mezzanine play balcony surrounded by wooden rails similar to a deck. This is another space-saving hack you can do so your kids can have a play space of their own. Basically, it’s a loft play space with a stairway created above the built-in bunks, leaving plenty of floor space for the room.

Loft Bed with Entertainment and Storage Options

There’s more than one way to save space in a room, and building a loft bed is an excellent alternative to bunk beds. If you don’t need additional bed space, then you might as well put something different on the lower bunk. Perhaps a huge bookcase with enough space to fit your TV at the center. You can put all your books and entertainment options there while your bed sits at the top of it all, waiting for you to have a good night’s sleep.

Loft Bed/Bunk Bed Hybrid

If you want a little more flexibility with your space, you can have a custom loft bed made for your room with enough space at the bottom to fit in a normal-sized bed. That may seem like extra effort, but it actually gives you the option to remove the bed in case you want to put something else in that space. In addition, loft beds are great for providing additional space at the bottom bunk where you are free to put anything. You can even put a roll-out bed below that can double as a mini-office by day.

Bunk Bed with Built-In Stairway

Not all people are comfortable going up the bunk bed using a ladder. As a solution, you can order a bunk bed with a built-in stairway on the side. The stairway can be made of wood to make it more aesthetically pleasing. It’s also a safer option and can even provide under-stair storage for even more storage space. You can also put storage drawers under the bed or the side of the stairway.


Bunk beds and loft beds are perfect when creating a modern living space. They allow you to become creative as well as practical with whatever space you have at home. If you want to make a room that’s both functional and comfortable, you’ll never go wrong with bunk beds.

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