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The Best Way to Create More Space in Small Bedrooms

When it comes to a person’s bedroom, having enough space is extremely important, especially for an adult. It can be one of the only places you can have some peace away from large crowds or the busy routines of everyday life.

Unfortunately, with the prices of living spaces these days, a decently sized bedroom can be hard to come by at a fair price. IT is why most American adults have resigned to making compromises when choosing pieces of furniture for their bedrooms.

Most people would often opt for a smaller-sized bed to put in a tiny bedroom to save on space. However, many don’t know that it’s possible to make the most out of a limited bedroom space without having to sacrifice the correct bed fit for an adult. Keep reading below to learn tips on expanding your bedroom space using the right-sized bed.

Upgrade Your Room with a Loft Bed

When you think of beds for adults, the first thing that might come to mind is a regular full or queen-sized bed. But when you’re dealing with insufficient bedroom space, you’re going to have to get creative.

One of the ways you can maximize space is by getting an adult loft bed. With your sleeping space elevated, you’re left with the original size of the room to use as you please. A custom loft bed for adults can even give your bedroom an upgraded appearance by making it look sleek and stylish. It even provides you with a special nook underneath for relaxing or working.

Maximize Bedroom Space with Bunk Beds

Adult bunk beds are another way to upgrade your bedroom, especially when dealing with a studio or one-bedroom apartment and a roommate. The adult bunk beds allow you and another person to designate your sleeping quarters to one room while having the rest of the apartment space free to use as you please. There’s no need to have one of you turning the couch into a second bedroom.

Of course, you’re going to want bunk beds sturdy enough for adults — something of high quality that’s sure to support two adults’ body weight. For this, it’s best to choose suppliers or companies that use premier hardwood lumber and custom oxidized blacksmith hardware. The beds should have a weight capacity of about 2,000 pounds to ensure that you’re not sacrificing sleep quality and safety for the sake of saving space.


When it comes to bedroom space, you may need to make compromises, but they should never be at the cost of losing good sleep quality. Choosing the right bed for adults can be a big investment, too, which is why you should never skip on quality. The proper bed is the kind of purchase that you’ll want to be sure will last you years.

That’s why it’s a good idea to invest in custom-made beds to suit your specific needs, particularly when you’re looking to buy adult bunk beds or loft beds. It’ll also allow you the opportunity to choose unique designs and features that’ll blend with the room you have.

Big Sky Bunks offers a wide variety of adult bunk beds in the US, built from the most premium timbers and lumber. Check out our website to shop for beds suited for both children and adults!

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