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Space Planning with a Bunk Bed - Making the Most of a Limited Space

Most interior designers will agree that every new project starts with what’s called “space planning.” In a nutshell, this is when they visually block out the entire space they are working on to figure out what layout will work best for the function and look that they want to achieve. In a living space, the goal is always to achieve the perfect balance of style and comfort.

More young people have been moving to huge urban areas where spaces are small, and prices are high. But that’s just how it is, and nothing can be done about that. What they can do instead is to be creative with the interior and make the most of the limited space they are working with. Often, that means investing in custom bunk beds or loft beds, so they have more room for other things they need to do.

If you, too, are getting a new place and you’re thinking of designing your own space, here are some things that you need to know about space planning to make the most of getting a loft bed:

Figure Out What the Room Is All About for your Bunk Bed

Before you start buying stuff for your space, you should first determine the primary purpose of the place. Of course, because you’re adding a bunk bed or a loft bed, it means that you will be sleeping in that particular room. What you need to figure out now is how you will make use of the space under and around the bed. It depends on the function of the room. If it’s a studio apartment, for example, the use of the space will be different than if the loft bed will just be in a bedroom.

Determine how the room will be used. Will you need to eat, study, or work there? Will there be kids or pets with you? What walkways need to be clear? Will there be storage in the room? These are some of the questions that you need to answer.

Divide the Space

This is especially important if you are going to live in a studio apartment. You should create separate “zones” for every function. For instance, under the loft bed may be your space for working or studying, and right across the bed is where you dine. Have a separate living area, too. You’ll be basing your decorating choices on this later on.

Don’t Overlook Balance

Remember that one of the main reasons that you’re doing some space planning is because you want to ensure that the space is balanced and that you won’t be getting too many furniture pieces only to find that you’ll have to squeeze them all in. You don’t want the room to look cluttered, as that will only highlight how small the space is. The former steps should already give you a better sense of what the room would look like.

Bring Your Bunk Bed to any Room or Rental VRBO & AirBNB

Just because you need the room to be functional doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your style. You can add personality to the room with your choice of furniture and décor. You can choose a particular theme or style and incorporate that using items you already own or even new purchases. You can even have your Big Sky Bunks bed custom-made to make sure that it goes well with the aesthetic that you want to achieve.


It may be challenging to make the most out of limited space, but if you do proper planning, you may find that the space you have is just enough for your needs. It’s all about smart styling and decorating. Using custom bunk beds instead of two separate ones means two people can sleep comfortably without eating up too much space. A loft bed allows you to use the same space occupied by your sleeping area. You just have to be creative and smart with your furniture choices, too.

Big Sky Bunks can provide you with the best bunk beds for adults and loft beds for your home or apartment. Contact us today and tell us what you want for your bed, and we’ll build it for you!

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