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How to Pick the Right Bunk Bed for Your Intended Space

So, you are thinking about getting a bunk bed. Not all sleeping arrangements are the same, so it's natural to wonder what factors should come into play when choosing one. The right choice depends on its purpose, expected occupants, and the space you'll be putting it in.

You may even have the added consideration of needing more than one bunk bed. Thankfully, some things can help you narrow down what choice suits your situation.

Dorm or Guest Room Bunk Beds

If you are planning to get a bunk bed for a dorm, guest room, or other limited space, then storage and maximizing the area should be your main concern.

For example, high bunk beds can do really well in creating more room for movement while still providing a place to stay out of the way. Loft-style bunks are a good way to give you additional floor space and storage using the same area where you expect a guest to sleep.

This can be helpful if you have a small room or plan to fit numerous bunk beds in one zone. You will have to think about how the room's occupants will maneuver around, especially if you expect multiple individuals.

Interior Design

If aesthetics are going to be a big deal to you, you need to take the interior design and theme of the room into account. Consider whether metal or wood would look best with how you want to style the space.

Luxury bunk beds can be excellent choices if you want to elevate the room's look and yet still have the practical aspects of bunks. Solid wood will provide a classic, timeless look, while metal is an excellent choice for a bolder design.

Know that you can take your time and think about your options. Make a list of desired qualities and compare them to the options you are given.

It is also helpful to read reviews from current users to learn about the level of satisfaction they have with the bunk beds they bought. This can give you a good idea about the quality of the product and about the company who created it.

Weight Limits and Durability

Since people will be sleeping on the bed, you obviously need to think about its durability and weight capacity. It's important for safety and comfort. Think about how much weight it can hold, and if it can be used by kids or adults.

The frame itself needs to be able to accommodate strain and constant use, so it has to be durable. Make sure that, more than size, you check the build itself to see if the quality is up to par.


There are plenty of excellent choices available in the market. It's a matter of finding the right one for your needs. Think about who will use the bed, why you want to get a bunk bed, and how much you would like to invest. When you get the right bed, you will have a place to sleep safely and comfortably while taking up as little space as possible.

If you’re looking for durable and big bunk beds in the US, look no further than Big Sky Bunks. We provide custom and hand-crafted bunks from North Idaho for both kids and adults. Reach out to start customizing your bunk bed!

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