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Our Guide to Choosing a Bunk Bed for Small Rooms

Finding enough space for one person or more in a tiny room can be a challenge. They’ll need a comfortable place to sleep but adding two beds will leave space for nothing else. That’s why custom bunk beds are perfect for small rooms, as they provide the comfort needed to sleep well while ensuring there’s enough space for other belongings.

However, finding the right bunk bed can be challenging, as you’ll need to ensure it matches the room’s needs, the activities you want to accommodate, and offer the safety and comfort the room needs. Here’s what you need to know about choosing a bunk bed for a small room:

The Different Types of Adult Bunk Beds

Opt for a bunk bed with under-bed storage if you want to add as much storage as possible to your custom bunk beds. While it still has two beds—one at the top and one at the bottom—the bottom bunk comes with pull-out drawers or space you can use for more storage, like spare beddings, sheets, quilts, pillowcases, and many more. Our under-bed storage bunk bed is the perfect example of this.

There are also bunk beds that can be divided into two single beds, which are useful for when your child grows. You can use the bunk bed while your child is still young, then transform it into twin beds once they’ve gotten older.

Some bunk beds also come out with pull-outs, making them very practical and multifunctional. The bed offers more space to relax and use while having another bed to accommodate a friend who wants to stay the night.

Lastly, a smart way to maximize the limited space in a small room is to use a loft bed, perfect for combining several functions. The bed sits at the top bunk, while the bottom bunk leaves space to relax, work, or store other items.

Choosing a Bunk Bed for Adults

Selecting the right bunk bed for a tight space is often tricky, as you may end up choosing one that doesn’t fit. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect bunk bed for a small room:

Measure the Room

While a bunk bed is best suited for small spaces, it won’t work for low ceilings. To ensure your room can accommodate a bunk bed, measure it. Calculate the floor area and ceiling height and ensure you leave enough space between the bunk bed and ceiling to prevent the sleeping person’s head from hitting it.

Determine the Activities to Be Done in the Room

Figure out what the room’s occupant will do most often in the room. Will they work at a desk frequently, need a place to relax, or will they primarily need storage space? Reflecting on this will determine the purpose of the bunk bed, as you can transform the bottom area into a bureau, a tidy place to organize possessions or a cozy nook to relax.

Decide on a Bunk Bed Type for your Air BNB or VRBO

Once you’ve determined the activities to be done in the room, choose the appropriate bunk bed type. Many bunk beds can meet your various needs, so find the one that accommodates the room’s needs and activities the most.


Bunk beds are excellent at maximizing space while adding style and more function to a room. By using our guide, you’ll have an easier time creating custom bunk beds for your vacation home or primary residence, which will infuse your home with more flair and personality.

Big Sky Bunks sells premium adult bunk beds built from premium timbers and lumber from the Pacific Northwest. We also have custom bunk beds that you can use for children due to their excellent construction and safety. Check out our bunk beds today!

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