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How to Maximize Space Using a Bunk Bed

Bunk beds provide functional and affordable space-saving for homes that may have small bedrooms. Indeed, some people use bunk beds to accommodate large groups of family or guests visiting for a short stay. This takes up less floor space but still provides comfortable sleeping options for everyone. Doing this is already a huge step towards maximizing the space in your home. However, it should not stop there; if you’re planning to build or get your own bunk bed, consider these options to save more space and make it even more charming:

1. Build Floating Beds or Stairs

This is one of the most popular ways to save as much floor space as possible. Floating beds are great because they don’t require you to build an actual frame under the bed; they’re basically just the mattress on top of the floor. This means that you can use a loft bed without needing extra space under the bed for storage or build stairs where the actual bed sits on top of the stairs.

2. Stash Extra Mattresses in Cupboards

This is especially helpful if you have extra mattresses or want to use the space beneath the bunk beds to keep blankets, pillows, or spare clothes. You don’t need to worry that an extra mattress can interfere with the bed’s style because mattresses can be wrapped in a combination of polyethylene, plastic, and fitted sheets. If you are using loft beds, you can even hide the extra mattress under the bed itself.

3. Put More Storage Under the Bed

If there’s vertical space under your bed, you can put storage boxes there. Customize the boxes to fit the size of the bed. You can use a small box to store your important stuff or a large box that can be used to hide extra-long boxes, like a file box.

4. Add Benches to the Bunk Bed

Beds with benches are great because they provide more space to sit on, so even if you have a small room, you can fit a larger number of people under a bunk bed. This is helpful if you intend to use the space under the bunk bed for storage. Just be sure that the benches you add are strong enough to hold the weight of the people sitting on them.

5. Build a Sliding Bed

This is the perfect idea if you want to save floor space but still have a lot of space available at the same time. All you need to do is build a box that is 5 inches deep, the same length as your bed, and slides on wheels. That way, you can have a total of three beds tucked in a single bunk bed, which is perfect when you're having a sleepover or a guest.

6. Use the Space Above the Bed

The space above the bed is often wasted, so why not put a shelf there? You can put it at the foot of the bed or place it at the end; then you can use it to store small items or even books. You can also use this shelf to show decorative items, like pictures or plants.


Having a bunk bed can really save you a lot of money and time when it comes to fitting a bed in a small room. However, you can still maximize the space in your loft bed by adding these functional features.

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