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Choosing the Best Mattresses for Bunk Beds and Loft Beds

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Now that you have your bunk bed or your loft bed, it’s time to look for the best Best Bunk Bed Mattress. Of course, you might be wondering: why? Can’t I just buy any random mattress? Well, it’s not as simple as that. To maximize the bang for your buck (or your investment), whether this will be used for a vacation rental or for your own vacations, you have to consider factors like comfort, features, and quality. But don’t fret, we are here to support your search.

Our experts receive frequently asked questions about this all the time, so let’s hear from them as to what you should consider when picking a mattress for bunk beds or loft beds:

Consider Top Bunk Safety

You might think that any random mattress will do, but consider, for example, the second level of your bunk bed. How much allowance do you really have before the sleepers’ nose hits the ceiling? Hopefully a lot. The thicker the mattress, the higher you sleep, and this can even make you higher than the usual top bunk safety rail. For the top bunk, you may consider a low mattress, with roughly 5 to 8 inches height so you can make the most of the safety rail height. Of course, a good quality mattress is recommended for children to get a good night’s rest.

How About Bottom Bunk Headspace?

Same as the top bunk, the thicker the mattress, the higher you sleep, so there might be less headroom for the bottom bunk. Even if children will be using the bunk bed, it’s good to keep it flexible so you, an adult, can comfortably tuck them in, too. The height of the bottom bunk mattress matters, so makes sure not to go too thick. Choose a low profile mattress that’s high on quality so that comfort is not compromised.

What Kind of Mattress Should You Go For?

Depending on whether you are purchasing for the top or bottom bunk (or both), the main consideration is headspace, especially if you are buying for kids. Spring mattresses are bouncy, which is not ideal for children. Consider a foam mattress that maximizes comfort, which can result in better sleep. Playful children need a comfortable and safe environment, so our experts recommend quality memory foam or even latex for top bunk mattresses. The same can be said for the bottom bunk, but bottom bunk mattresses can accommodate spring mattresses too.

Consider Logistics of Changing the Sheets

We don’t want you bumping your head up the ceiling. Even changing sheets on super plush mattresses in the master takes much time, effort, not to mention heavy lifting. So imagine having to change the sheets in the top bunk, suspended up in the air. Make sure that you consider lightweight mattress options so that logistics are out of the way.


In conclusion, make sure to consider the day-to-day aspects of having a bunk bed, especially when you choose a mattress to go along with it. The headspace, the springiness of the mattress, and even the type of ladder that you use when changing the sheets should all factor in before you purchase. However, it is never too late to engage our experts when it comes to choosing the best mattresses (and bunk beds) for you.

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Selecting the right mattresses for bunk beds and loft beds is crucial for comfort and safety, especially in vacation rentals where guests expect a good night's sleep. This guide offers valuable insights to ensure that every guest enjoys a restful stay, enhancing the overall experience and satisfaction during their getaway.

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