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How to Tell If a Bunk Bed Is Appropriate for Your Kids

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Chances are you've slept in a bunk bed at least once in your life. Maybe you went on a vacation in an AirBNB with bunk bed features or associate it with happy memories, like fun summers spent at camp. They are also amazing space savers in any type of home, even the big bunk beds. It's no wonder that now, you're seriously looking into giving your kids the experience.

There are several things to consider aside from space when it comes to bunk beds for kids, such as:

  • Add-on features

  • Bed position

  • Safety rails

  • Stairs or straight ladder

Take note that there is a notable difference between ladders and stairs. Young children will benefit from stairs, while older ones will benefit from a ladder.

Bedroom Size

As previously mentioned, space is something that needs to be considered. How big (or small) the room where the bunk bed will go is a factor. Look into both the size and layout, because even if the room seems big enough, it may not fit well. Guesswork will not help; taking actual measurements is key. Be sure that the dimensions are ideal, not forgetting the room features (windows, closets, doors). Needless to say, a bunk bed that's blocking a door and/or window is not one that will offer the best experience to the room’s occupants.

Corner placement, or a horizontal position, is the most common way a bunk bed is placed in rooms. It can also be placed against a wall. Luckily, there are several types of bunk beds: corner bunk beds, "T" bunk beds, and more.


If you don't at least try to figure out just how much work installation will take, you'll give yourself a tough time down the line. Not all bunk beds get delivered ready to use; some will need time and effort to be assembled. This will depend entirely on what you prefer at this point, alongside your skill level and available time.


This is worth repeating even if it's already a given. Determine whether or not your child actually wants a bunk bed. Answer the following questions:

  • Are they interested in sleeping on a bunk bed?

  • Does your child have a fear of heights?

  • Will your child be okay with climbing into bed nightly?

Whatever design goals you might have should be secondary to your child. He or she should always come first.


Bunk beds are typically wooden in nature, but this doesn't mean you should just go with the standard wood shade. There is a wide variety of colors and shades that they come in. Ideally, classic finishes work best: think walnut, grey, or natural. Those are timeless and classic, so no matter how much time goes by and what the trends are, the bed will remain in style.

That said, consider the look and feel of your kid's bedroom and your home overall as well.


Bunk beds are great pieces of furniture to get a good night's sleep. They can be quite nostalgic and are great for kids and adults alike. When deciding whether a bunk bed is good for your kids, consider the material, bedroom size, and child (or children's) interest.

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