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Interesting Things You Need to Know About Bunk Beds

Nowadays, residential and commercial properties are all into bunk beds due to their functionality and space-saving qualities. They serve as a perfect choice for high-end vacation homes, vacation rentals, Airbnbs, and bunk rooms to maximize space.

Whether you are planning to remodel your room or want to have a unique bed for your vacation rental property, this article is for you. Keep reading below to learn exciting things about bunk beds and how they can add value to your space.

Where Did Bunk Beds Originate?

While it’s interesting to know where bunk beds started, there is no definite answer to this question because no evidence exists. However, if all credits are due, it’s safe to assume that the ancient Egyptians significantly contributed to the idea and concept of bunk beds, so people should offer their recognition to them.

Today, the beds are more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing than the ancient Egyptians’ loft beds. With their transformation over time, they have come a long way over the years.

What’s the Significant Transformation of Bunk Beds?

The most significant transformation of bunk beds is their variety of styles and designs. Back in the day, the special beds would only have two boxy, shaped and sized bunk beds sitting on top of each other that were only meant to function.

But now, they come in an array of designs, shapes, colors, and materials. They not only function as a sleeping device but also became art for most homes due to their aesthetic appeal.

What Materials Are Available for Bunk Beds Today?

At present, bunk beds have significantly transformed in their styles and designs; you can now choose different materials as well. Some are made from high-end wood, such as maple or walnut. You can also opt to have a metallic or iron-based bunk bed.

Aside from that, you can infuse some splashes and personalities through different colors like bright white, cherry, black, dark blue, silver, and other shades and hues you prefer, making bunk beds perfect for children as well.

What Are the Other Advancements of Bunk Beds?

Unlike the traditional bunk beds where you can have a twin above twin bunk beds, you can now get a twin above full bunk beds too. Meaning, you can have a full-sized bed at the bottom while having a twin bed on the top.

Another exciting advancement of customized bunk beds today is their storage capacity. Unlike before, where people used them solely for sleeping, you can now have a place to sleep on top while having extra space and storage for your things below.


Bunk beds have come a long way. It is proven that their functionality and usefulness remain no matter how much they have transformed over time. We can also see their significant improvements and advancements, which will benefit us if we add them to our space. So, if you’re planning to have a bunk bed in your room or vacation property, it will be an excellent choice, considering how it can add some value to your space.

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