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Here’s How to Make the Most of a Loft Bed’s Efficiency

Rooms that need to make the most of limited space will do well to have a loft bed in them. After all, when there's not enough room on the ground, why not use the space above it? The moment a loft bed is installed, the possibilities with the space it affords are practically endless.

Here are some great ways to make the most of a loft bed's efficiency:

Contemplate a Corner Shelf Addition

A corner shelf accessory is a great way to elevate a loft bed. It takes away the need for clambering up and down the stairs or ladder to grab a laptop or book. Additionally, it's an ideal spot to place a phone within reach. Whatever the bed's overall design flow is won't be interrupted by the addition either.

Create a Closet Area

One of the best ways to use space under a loft bed is by turning it into a makeshift closet. A rod can be installed, or a clothing rack can be slipped right under. Other additions can be made use of also; the staircase, for example, can be converted into a dresser.

Have a Lounge Area

The underside of a loft bed is the best space to create a really comfortable nook in a room. An entire lounge area can actually be made with that space. Floor pillows, a nice carpet, a couch, cozy blankets, and even a TV could be arranged for a nice space.

Make the Space Underneath a Storage Area

Everyone is absolutely familiar with this: it seems there can never be enough space in a home. There's sports equipment that's seasonal and needs space to be put away correctly. There's a bunch of baseballs and bats and gloves and whatnot. Whatever sporting hobby the people in the home are into, the space under a loft bed would be great for storage.

Use a Bookshelf as an Accessory

We all have various knick-knacks from special moments in our lifetime. Many of us also have some books we love to read. A great way to personalize a bunk bed is with a bookshelf attachment. Aside from the obvious benefit of storage space, it helps keep the room looking open and spacious by addressing clutter.

Use a Desk for a Streamlined Living and Work Space

Having both a bed and a full-sized desk in a bedroom is ideal for everyone. However, with spaces getting more cramped, it's becoming more of a dream than a reality for many. A loft bed solves that issue with little to no problem: there will be a lot of space underneath. Shelves or fabric storage cubes will do the double job of keeping storage neat alongside making the most of the available space.

Kids that are studying from home or adults that work from home will benefit from a loft bed and desk combination.


A loft bed is a popular space-saving solution for small areas. It's easily one of the most efficient pieces of furniture a home can have. Make the most of its efficiency by using a bookshelf as an accessory, creating a closet area, or having a lounge area.

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