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How to Increase Your VRBO & Airbnb Property Profitability

Bunk beds, quite literally, provide greater value for money while also saving room! Airbnb is a great way to make money, but it pays to spend as little money as possible on stylish, well-maintained furniture that will help you maximize your occupancy potential.

Aside from saving on floor space, adult bunk beds maximize sleep spaces and enable you to put bed drawers and stairs to eliminate the need for additional furniture. Adult bunk beds can also be customized to change according to your space needs.

Vacation rental owners must consider various factors to be successful, and one of the most important is how to optimize our rentals. Most rentals feature one bed per room unless it is a large room with two double beds, so bunk beds maximize spaces like this with no sweat!

Here are some more tips on how to maximize adult bunk beds to boost your Airbnb rental success:

1. Take Stunning Images of Your Bunk Beds

Creating spaces for your potential clients is one thing, and promoting these spaces is another. When you have installed your new adult bunk beds, take professional quality images of your rooms to entice groups and families that may want to rent your space.

You can “stage” the images, meaning make it look lived in. You can include models in your pictures using and enjoying your adult bunk beds to give Airbnb clients to book your property.

2. Find Your Niche and Target Market

You need to find your niche and target market so you know how to promote your property. You can target all-girl groups, all-boy groups, or families. You can even target a specific niche like sports fans if you live near a sports venue, or backpackers exploring your town, and so on.

Consider the tenants your neighborhood and property are most likely to attract, and then consider what festivities, vacations, and so on might appeal to that age range. Use those keywords in your listings so you increase the chance of being discovered by your target market.

3. Calculate Costs and Revenues

Calculate the cost to make your Airbnb space more inviting. Aside from adult bunk beds, what more do you need? You’ll have to get mattresses and beddings, of course, and accessories for your guests like kitchenware, seating, bathroom utilities, and the like. You must have ample storage space for your guests’ luggage and clothes too.

It’s also best to run comparisons on the sites where you're listing your rental. First, check at comparable rentals to confirm you're charging a fair amount. Then, broaden your search to include houses with the same number of bedrooms as you, and price your property competitively.


Bunk beds are a fantastic way to integrate a lively and playful atmosphere in your rooms while keeping the space organized. For those who have limited space in their rooms but want to make them appear more spacious, clever bunk beds are an excellent choice.

Maximizing your rental's sleeping area will make it easier for your visitors and attract additional clients. Your room may be able to accommodate one or two bunk beds if you know the dimensions and your typical demographics. Choose your bunk beds wisely so your guests have a memorable holiday!

At Big Sky Bunks, we specialize in high-end adult bunk beds, guaranteed to have made in excellent craftsmanship and safety. We build bunk beds from North Idaho, with premium timbers and lumber from around the Pacific Northwest to furnish high-end vacation homes, rentals, and bunk rooms. Contact us and get a quote today!

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