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How to Design a Custom Bunk Bed to Improve Your Space

Living in a small space is a lot more common these days. Some people are choosing to live “tiny” to cut out excesses. At the same time, others live in small spaces because it’s the most suitable living condition for them. Just because your room isn’t large and spacious doesn’t mean you have to live small. Adult bunk beds are great for maximizing space and improving living conditions.

Contrary to popular belief, bunk beds are not just for kids, especially not in modern times. More and more adults are seeing the benefits of owning adult bunk beds. It offers more space and opportunities to get creative with the area that you have.

Here are a few alterations you can make to a regular bunk bed to make it fit for an adult’s home:

Utilize the Bottom.

Just because you’re getting a bunk bed doesn’t mean you have to have two beds. The bottom of your bunk bed can be an ideal space to utilize. Bunk beds that don’t rely on box springs can be easily adapted to create space in the bottom.

Here you can do anything you want. You can set up a workspace, a workshop, or something else entirely. Make it your own and do whatever you want with this extra space. Bunk beds are great precisely because it only takes up the space of a single bed, yet provides the room with so much more.

Improve the Access.

The convenience of a bunk bed will wear off pretty quickly if accessing it is difficult. It’s important that whether you’re going on the top or the bottom, you don’t experience any discomfort or uncertainty. It’s one thing to climb up the bed when you’re fully aware and energized and entirely another when you’re tired and barely conscious.

Consider your options when it comes to ladders or stairs. Of course, the stability and durability of the stairs or ladder are also important. Depending on what you choose, just make sure that it’s safe and easy to access.

Use Curtains.

There will be days when you want to be cocooned or locked away in the privacy of your bed. That’s another great benefit to a bunk bed. It’s very reasonable to add curtains for privacy and style. You can do so much to improve the overall look and feel of your room with just a nice little privacy curtain on your bunk bed.

Of course, this will prove even more helpful if you are rooming with another person. It will probably be necessary.

Create Storage.

Last but not least, create storage. Your bunk bed will give you plenty of room and options to create additional storage somewhere in the bottom or beside your bed. Cabinets and drawers should be easy enough to slide in or build into the structure of your bunk bed.

Whether you want to store clothes, food, or something else, a bunk bed will be an excellent place for it. You can even insert secret storage spaces for personal items or just convenient storage. A nice little space where you store books right beside your bed is a good example.

The Bottom Line

Living well is less about large spaces or expensive things. It’s more about utilizing what you have to the fullest. Just because you live in a small area doesn’t mean you have to work in small spaces or sacrifice some comforts. With a bunk bed, you can get so much more out of what you paid for. The possibilities of what you can do with your room are endless.

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