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5 Tips on How to Easily Change Your Top Bunk Bed Sheets

Making the bed is a simple way to start your day and establish a productive routine. It keeps your space tidy and comfortable and will immediately encourage you to do more things neatly. Even this simple act is significant to most people. In fact, how to change sheets on loft or bunk beds is one of the most common questions that shoppers ask store employees.

In this article, we’ll be telling you about five easy tips for changing your loft or top bunk beds. Like beddings, the size of your bed and its placement in your room are factors that come into play. Regardless of the circumstances, there are ways to perform this task efficiently:

1. Climb on a Step Stool

Climbing on a step stool gives you a few extra inches to rely on for better dexterity. That gives you enough reach for the farthest edges of the bed without needing to be on the mattress while changing the sheets. In addition to that, you may also use the bottom bunk to elevate you as you’re changing the sheets on the top bunk.

2. Lift the Mattress

Another way to give yourself immediate assistance is by slightly lifting the mattress off the slats and then resting half of it on the guard rails. That makes it easier to reach all corners of the bed from any position. You may also rotate the mattress at 180 degrees so that the undressed side is perched on the rails. That should let you secure the sheet on both sides before setting it back into place.

3. Use Sheet Straps

It’s frustrating when sheets slip off the mattress in the middle of the night, needing you to resecure them. You can avoid that by using sheet straps that clip onto the fitted sheet while you change sheets. That will nicely keep everything locked in tight until you remove them. Making the bed every morning will also be easier if the bottom layer is firmly in place.

4. Give Beddy’s a Try

Beddy’s combine sheets, comforter, and pillowcases in a single piece that zips together like a sleeping bag. In short, it’s an all-in-one bedding product. They come in different styles, accessory options, and even bundles packages, so you get everything you need in just one purchase. Beddy’s are perfect for your high-end bunk beds, too!

5. Use QuickZip Bedding

QuickZip specializes in “hassle-free” bedding, such as their Zip Sheets, replacing the classic fitted sheet. It’s a two-piece product that wraps around the mattress’ outer edges and zips on top to prevent it from popping off. It’s easy to remove, change, and fold, making it a favorite by many.


With these five tips, you can easily make the bed in the morning and head on to a productive day. Following one or two of this advice should cut the hassle of changing the sheets and their frustration slipping off.

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