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Designing Your Flexcation Rental Unit: A How-to Guide

It is an understatement to say that our world was turned upside down in 2020 when the global pandemic hit. Because of the need to prevent the spread of the virus, people were encouraged to stay home. New trends started to emerge because of the “new normal” arrangements. One trend that has stuck around is that of flexcations.

If you don’t know what flexcations are, they are exactly what they sound like. They are a new type of vacation that will allow for the work-from-home flexibility that everyone has been getting into and allow the children to continue with online school arrangements. If you are looking for a profitable business opportunity, flexcations may be the way to go! Read on to get the best tips on how to set up your very own rental business.

Designing Your Flexcation Rental Unit: A How-To Guide

Before you sign up for AirBnB and other rental websites, it is best that you set up your unit to look its best. Here is a list of the best tips to help you create a cozy rental unit all your guests will love!

1 - Invest in Good Adult Bunk Beds

Because a flexcation will involve having your units rented out for long-term periods, investing in good beds will help your guests get a comfortable night’s sleep. This will ensure that they have a good stay and will likely leave high ratings about your place for other potential renters to see.

2 - Look into Fitness Amenities near your VRBO Rental

Keep in mind that some of your renters will want to exercise and stay in shape while away from their homes. Giving them access to fitness amenities in the unit will provide a way for them to get their daily exercise and not have to worry about catching the virus if they step out to a nearby fitness gym.

3 - Make Sure to Get Stable Internet Access at your AirBNB

Flexcations will have people working remotely, which means that they will likely need a stable internet connection. Providing them with internet access will make everything easier for them, which is what brings most renters to the same unit again and again.

4 - Ample Parking Arrangements

Parking is another thing you need to consider. Making sure that your renters will not need to park two blocks away from the building will make them less likely to come into contact with someone who has the virus and, at the same time, provide convenience for their stay.

5 - Extra Sleeping Options at your Rental Unit with the Best Bunk Beds

Lastly, looking into extra sleeping options like pullout mattresses and foldable beds will help your unit accommodate a few additional guests for the stay.

Remember that all these tips will encourage repeat guests. That will directly translate into more income for you in the long run!


The key to being able to attract more guests is to offer a cozy home away from home. Since regular vacations are not possible at the moment, flexcations are the next best thing. Following the tips above will help you set up a comfortable rental unit that guests will be lining up to rent!

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