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3 Simple Ways to Creatively Transform Your Bunk Bed

Bunk beds are the go-to beds for small spaces. One bunk bed can accommodate two sleeping people without eating up too much space inside a small room. Because of its convenience, it is a commonly used bed type for places like hostels, camps, dormitories, and houses. It has one disadvantage, though―it may not look that appealing.

If you want your room to look more inviting, a plain metal or wood frame will not do. Whether you are using a bunk bed at home or you have a college dorm, Airbnb, summer camp, or hostel to maintain, some changes to the way the bed looks can make a huge difference.

Here is how you can make your bunk beds a lot more aesthetically pleasing than it is:

Method 1: Use Fabrics and Bedding With Different Colors

Colors are a powerful design tool that could transform the way one feels about home furnishings. The right color can make the bed feel much more comfortable, more calming, more cheerful, or however you want it to speak to the people who will use it. The right colors can also make the bed feel larger than it is.

Here is how you can transform the look of your bunk bed by use of fabrics with colors:

  • Identify the right colors for your bunk’s bedding.

  • Choose the color that fits the mood you want for your room.

  • Should you ever want to change the look of your bed you can paint it.

  • Start cleaning your bed frame. Make sure there is no dust, dirt, or debris—the surface should have a smooth finish.

  • Cover the floor and surrounding areas that you want to keep paint-free.

  • After sanding, paint the bunk bed with white a white layer before you paint it with your chosen color.

  • Wait for the paint to dry and for the room to be smell-free before you use the bunk bed.

Method 2: Creatively Add Buttoned and Padded Fabric

If your goal is to make the ordinary bunk bed look more luxurious, adding a buttoned and padded fabric can help you achieve that. Imagine placing a tufted headboard onto the sides of your bed. It gives the room an instant deluxe vibe, right?

Here is how you do it without actually buying an entire headboard.

  • Find the type of fabric and buttons that match your taste.

  • Buy a square of foam and attach it to your bed frame. It is best to choose a low to medium-density foam that perfectly fits the size of your bunk frame.

  • Using a staple gun, attach your chosen fabric onto your foam. If you want the staples to look invisible, you can also match their color with your chosen fabric.

  • Place the buttons onto the fabric and hammer them to make the whole thing look tufted.

Method 3: Add Curtains for Privacy

If you want to add a bit of privacy for people who will use your bunk bed, you can do so by adding curtains to their bed space. It is an easy and affordable way to give them the peace they need, especially after a long day.

How to choose an appealing fabric:

  • Use thematic curtains

  • Match the color and pattern to your walls or the whole room’s theme

How to install the fabric:

  • For temporary attachment: Get a rope and attach it from one end to the other of the bed frame. Place the curtain on it and secure it with laundry pins.

  • For permanent attachment: Use a staple gun and staple the curtain around the bed frame.

  • For the top bunk: Drill a hole onto your ceiling and place wire curtain rods around the area. Attach the curtains and enjoy your privacy!


A minor tweak here and there can modify ordinary bed bunks. These three methods will help you transform your bed, add more personality, and make it more exciting and comfortable for its users. These methods do not have to be expensive or challenging; just identify the vibe you want to incorporate and find the simple ways to bring it to life.

If you do not want to go through all this trouble, you can also buy aesthetically pleasing big bunk beds from the start. Big Sky Bunks is your source for premium bunk beds for kids and adults. We use premium timber and lumber in creating our masterpieces. Contact us so we can start customizing your bed!

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