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How to Creatively Maximize a Bedroom With Bunk Beds

So, you’ve decided to get a bunk bed? Making that decision is one of the best things you can do for your place. Whether you need a way to make your kid's room more comfortable or you want to accommodate more guests to your vacation home, a bunk bed is the perfect solution you need. However, it can also be challenging.

Big bunk beds are difficult to manage and arrange, making it a hassle for most homeowners. Thankfully, you will still not regret buying it because there are many ways you can make it appear daintier while still being functional.

Here are some creative ways you can style and add more purpose to them:

Insert More Space for the Kids to Play

When not used as a sleeping bed yet, you can always maximize the space and help your kids build their imaginations more. For example, in the daytime, the top bunk bed can be a "treehouse" that your kids can climb onto.

The top bunk can be their private place where they can discuss their secrets and create their plans. The activity would be a great escape game for them and an excellent way to maximize your small apartment. With their great imagination in play, you can assure that they will never get bored.

Create a Play Nook

A bunk bed is always a good solution for a compact bedroom problem. Since some of them can be bulky, the next issue parents usually need to address is the limited play area inside their kids’ rooms. That problem can be solved by placing your big bunk beds strategically.

One of the best layouts is to place both the bulky beds on top. That way, your kids can still make use of the space they have underneath. They can turn it into a play nook or a study area, whichever you prefer.

Place Them in a Perpendicular Position

Similar to the suggestion above, this tip recommends you place your big bed bunks only as top bunks, but this tip recommends you place them perpendicular to each other. Doing so will make the room look cleaner and airier. At the same time, you can maximize the space you have underneath.

Try adding a study corner at the bottom part for both beds. That way, your kids can have a comfortable space to review their notes or make their assignments. Take note that this tip will only be possible if your room’s ceiling height and room width permits it.

Create Your Small Workspace Underneath

If you think bunk beds are inclusive to kids, think again. Adults can benefit from it too. If kids can have their study area underneath their beds, you can also make the extra space useful for you.

Why not turn it into a workspace? That way, you have a loft-style bed to rest on and a separate work area that would make you feel you are in a different space from home. Therefore, allowing you to focus.

Store All Your Files and Toys Underneath

If you are only using one bed out of the two, you can always make the top bed your sleeping bed and then make the bottom an area for storage. This tip is perfect for those with tiny space yet have so many kids' toys or adult clutter. You can always be creative in how you style your storage and help it blend into the room.


Getting big bunk beds for your space is not something to regret. It actually offers more opportunities for you to be more creative and strategic in using the area. Bunk beds always save you space, no matter how bulky they can become. Besides, every space is essential and valuable, especially to those who live in a small area. If you do not want any regret, getting a custom-designed bed bunk would be best for you.

If you are looking for the perfect big bunk beds for your space, we are here to help. Big Sky Bunks specialize in providing our clients with high-end bunk beds handcrafted in North Idaho. Contact us today and let us make the perfect bed bunk for your room.

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