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Amazing and Creative Bunk Bed Ideas Your Kids Would Love

Bunk beds are perfect for rooms shared by two or more kids. It can open up floor space for other essential furniture and various activities. If you have kids at home or want to make your vacation house or AirBNB kid-friendly, this is the perfect way to do it. It can also help you maximize the area through many creative ways.

But there are more ways to make a bunk bed than stacking two beds together. Here are some amazing bunk bed ideas that you might want to consider:

Bunk Bed + A Mini Library

If you are looking for a bunk bed idea for your kid who loves to read, having a combo of bed and a library would be a great idea. Place the bed on the top bunk and make the bottom part the semi-closed library for them. The library could act as storage for books or their reading nook. Make sure to keep the corner well-lit and comfortable.

When your kid is done, they can climb through the stairs and sleep on their bed. This separation could also help them split the “reading area” from the “sleeping area.”

Bunk Bed + Play House

Does your kid love to play house or hide and seek? Kids love to spend time in their imaginary world as much as they can. You can give them space where they can freely create their world through this bunk bed idea. Like the mini-library idea approach, you can turn the bed’s bottom nook into a little tent-like corner. It could be a secret hiding place that serves as their toy storage. Add lights and a fan below so your kid can be comfortable inside.

Bunk Bed + More Storage

A bunk bed is already a space saver in itself, but you can always add storage to your bunk bed if you need more space for your things. Instead of plain stairs, make them deep boxes that can store and hide items for you. You can utilize the bottom part of the bed and also turn it into storage.

Bunk Bed + Seating Area

If you want your room to have enough bed space for two people but also want to have enough seats inside, a bunk bed and wall bed combination could work. The wall bed is the bed that comes up and turns into a wall if not used. To maximize the room, you can place a seat right under the bed to serve as a couch for the kids.

That way, you would have a space that turns into a sitting area when the bed is not in use. You can even add shelves on the wall to hold some room displays.

Loft Type Bunk Bet + Living Room

A bunk bed is not only for kids. Even adults can enjoy it, especially if living in a small studio space. If you want to make the most out of your room despite its limited space, you can always create a loft-type bed at the top level and place a comfy couch at the bottom. The loft and bunk type could act as a separator between your resting place and living space. You could even place your workspace right next to the couch to create that division.


A bunk bed is a great idea for rooms that need a space-saving, economical, and creative way to make use of the allotted space. The best thing about it is that they can make a small room look larger and more fabulous than it is. These ideas are just proof of how versatile the bunk bed concept is and how you can create many things around it.

If you want to maximize the room further, try a custom bunk bed. Should you need big bunk beds for kids or adults, Big Sky Bunks specialize in high-end bunk bends handcrafted in North Idaho. Contact us today and let us make the perfect bed bunk for your room.

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