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Hacks to Creating a Personal Space in an Apartment

Having your own bedroom might mean having your own four walls of privacy, but when sharing an apartment with one or more roommates, personal space is harder to come by.

Still, living with others doesn't have to mean losing all independence. With communication, you can make space for yourself with the following tips:

1. Create a Clutter-Free Zone

Even if you share a room, you can still carve out a small corner for yourself that's free of any clutter. Getting rid of the clutter will make you feel calmer and less stressed, and it will make your space more inviting, so you'll want to spend more time there.

2. Remove Visual Barriers

Put away the couch or hide it behind a curtain, so you won't feel like you have to walk through the living area every time you enter or exit your bedroom.

3. Get a Nightstand

Putting your stuff on the floor or your bed end table is a great way to make a mess. A nightstand that is yours and yours only is an excellent way to ensure that your stuff is organized and visible.

4. Choose Colors Wisely

The colors you choose can help you feel calmer and more serene. Light colors are inviting, but colorful art and accessories can also help you feel more at home.

5. Personalize Your Space

Whether you have a room or just a corner, you can still make it look like it's yours. Make a collage, hang a poster, a calendar to track the days of the week, or get a miniature painting to hang on your wall. You can even make a custom blanket to cover your bedspread and make it look like something you might have bought yourself.

6. Keep Your Closet Organized

The more organized your closet, the less stressed you'll feel when you're looking for something to wear. Make sure you keep your clothes and shoes in separate baskets or boxes so you can easily find what you're looking for.

7. Use Your Shelves

A bookshelf or a regular shelf can be a great way to make the most of your space. Not only will it help keep your things in order, but it will also help you get organized and make your area feel a little more like home.

8. Find a Place for Everything

The more you can get rid of clutter, the more space you'll have. Even the tiniest apartment can feel bigger and more open if you can clean out some of your stuff that's just gathering dust.

9. Use a Towel Rack

A long rack for your towels can be a great multipurpose piece of furniture - not only is it an excellent way to keep your towels out of the way and make your room feel more spacious, but it can also make a good nightstand.

10. Make Your Bed

Making your bed in the morning might seem tedious, but it's a great way to add some character and make your space feel like it's yours. A made bed can look inviting, and it will also make your room more inviting.


Creating a cozy and functional bedroom doesn't have to be expensive. As you can see, there are many ways to make an apartment feel like your own without spending a lot of money.

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