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Compact Bunk Bed Ideas for Adults Living in Small Spaces

It can be pretty hard to find someone who’s easy to wake up, especially in the morning. After all, our beds keep us glued to them because of their comfort. There are many types of beds that you can get apart from the standard bed that only fits one person, and an excellent example of this are bunk beds.

Children are the first thing that immediately comes to many people’s minds whenever bunk beds are brought up. Children tend to love bunk beds because it’s almost always a competition of who gets to sleep in the top bunk. Bunk beds are incredibly beneficial because they save up a lot of space.

However, bunk beds now come in more designs than two beds stacked on top of each other. It’s not just children who can enjoy bunk beds, but adults as well. This article lists down bunk bed ideas for adults so that extra space is saved. Read on below to learn more.

Different Sizes of Adult Bunk Beds

Vacation homes exist solely for the comfort of whoever is occupying them. It sometimes makes sense to have a bunk bed that has a bigger bed at the bottom with twin beds at the top. This also gives guests options when it comes to sleeping preferences.

Built-In Desk Areas under Bunk Beds

When it comes to small spaces, one of the most challenging parts is attempting to fit all of your important stuff in a single room. Bunk beds save space, but they may not be an excellent option to have if you intend to bring a desk to a fairly small room.

For this reason, some bunk beds have built-in desks as an additional feature. Unfortunately, the majority of bunk beds don’t have this, so you can try adding wall-mounted shelves to your room or leave a bit of space for a simple table (not a desk). Again, it has to be small since you’re saving space.

Individual Wall-Mounted Lights

In a room with a bunk bed, light is often a cause for arguments in cases where one person is ready to sleep while the other isn’t yet. The good news is that individual wall-mounted lights can help in this situation.

Apart from saving space and being optimized for single-person use, it also solves lighting preferences since individual lights are smaller, which means they’re low-intensity and not too bright.

Privacy Curtains on Bunks

If you’re the kind of person who values your privacy even when you’re asleep, then maybe you’ll enjoy privacy curtains. A simple rod or well-tied nylon string paired with a curtain is more than enough. To create a sense of consistency, choose curtains with a design that complements the rest of the room.

Suspended Bunk Beds

Suspended bunk beds are pretty challenging to pull off, but the payoff will be worth it since it saves a lot of space underneath the bed. However, the beds themselves need to be supported by robust chains and other structural features to ensure security.


Bunk beds save a significant amount of space, which is why they’re your best option if you have limited space. To further liven up your bunk bed use, you can try adding decorations such as a privacy curtain or wall-mounted lights so that you can get that cozy feeling as you sleep.

Big Sky Bunks has adult bunk beds for sale. Our beds have additional features, such as bed railings for top bunk safety and storage spaces underneath as well. Regardless of the size, our products are sure to accommodate you so that you can sleep comfortably. Simply go to our website and take your pick!

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