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Choosing Between Bunk Beds and Loft Beds: Which Is Better?

In general, bunk beds and loft beds are great ways to maximize the space in a small room or unit. People can either add a second bed or put a small workplace under it. With these two, nothing is impossible such as a tiny space. However, if you’re planning to get one of them, how would you know if you’re choosing the best fit for your needs? Here’s how.

Bunk Bed

By definition, bunk beds are two beds stacked vertically on top of each other. It is equipped with a mattress that lies directly on a board. Unlike traditional beds, it doesn’t have a box spring that supports the person’s weight lying on top.

The second level of a bunk bed has rails for safety to keep the person on top from falling over while they sleep. It also has four poles to support the structure and a steep ladder as access to the top bunk. They come in various sizes and may come in different sizes per level. Ideally, bunk beds are for people who live together in a house or a unit without much space.

They are commonly seen in college dorms where a room needs to be maximized to accommodate more people.


Bunk beds can come with extra storage underneath the first level. It will be a great way to stash sheets, clothes, or blankets. Compared to buying two beds for two people, it is cheaper to buy a single bunk bed that can fit two people at once.

Although there are two levels, bunk beds are safe for use even during sleep. The rails that come with the setup prevent people from falling and hurting themselves. Bunk beds are also collapsible into two individual beds for some models.


It is not ideal for younger children who are still afraid to climb stairs. If you’re choosing a bunk bed, be ready for the struggle to fix the bed in the morning. Unlike traditional beds, it will be more challenging to arrange the sheets and pillows on top.

Taller people will also struggle to use the upper bunk since they are likely to touch the ceiling and hit their heads. Lastly, bunks are sensitive to any movement; violent and rowdy sleepers are likely to wake up their bunk companion in the other bed.

Loft Bed

Like bunk beds, loft beds offer a second-level platform except that they do not have a bottom level. Instead, there is a massive space underneath that might be great to turn into a workspace or a place where you can hang out.

The bottom bunk usually has a couch or a table where people work and do other things. They are also popular in dorm rooms or small bedrooms where there is limited space. It is perfect if you’re the only person living in the room or unit and have no one around who needs another bed.


Loft beds are great for people who prefer sleeping in an elevated space but don’t need a second bed. It is ideal for those who have a small room but would like to keep their bed and workstation in one place. It can also be a walk-in closet or a storage room in there.


The loft bed has many functions, but it can only allow one person to sleep on it. Like the bunk bed, it will be a struggle to make the bed in the morning. Meanwhile, unlike a bunk bed, loft beds are more dangerous for children since it lacks the support of a bottom bed, making it unstable. Allow only teens or young adults to sleep in them for maximum safety.


Choosing between bunk beds and loft beds is easy. If you need more space to fit more people for sleeping, choose a bunk bed. If maximizing your space is your goal, a loft bed might be a better choice.

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