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How to Do Bunk Beds with Roommates for Stress-Free Cohabitation

Living with other people as an adult can sometimes be a tense and stressful situation. We've all heard about the different roommate horror stories. But unfortunately, it is necessary at times for one to afford the rent.

However, a peaceful and stress-free cohabitation isn't necessarily unachievable. Of course, there will be conflict at times. But with these helpful tips, you can hopefully survive living with roommates as an adult.

Set Clear Expectations for Your Living Arrangement

Communicating with your roommates is a very important step to ensure a smooth and enjoyable living situation. Clarify your expectations. Decide how to split rent. Discuss how much and when chores will be done.

If you've chosen to live with roommates as an adult, you are very likely in a vastly different life situation than when you were in college. You may have a job and be trying to pay student loans or other bills. You may have a family of your own or other commitments.

It's important that you discuss the situation and expectations with your roommates. You want to avoid any unnecessary disagreements or hurt feelings. The last thing you want is to come home and feel like you're not wanted or part of the group.

Respect Each Other's Lifestyle

You are all adults and are entitled to your own privacy. If your roommate wishes to keep their door closed while they watch TV, respect that. If your roommate wants to go to bed early with the door closed, let them.

Respect each other's privacy and lifestyle choices. The more you respect each other, the more likely you are to avoid conflict, making the living situation more enjoyable for everyone.

Always Ask Permission When Borrowing Your Roommate's Things

Never just assume that it's okay to use something that belongs to your roommate. Always ask (and get a verbal yes) if you are allowed to borrow anything.

It's easy to forget that you're living with other people and that they do have things of their own. Making sure you ask permission shows respect for your roommates and also prevents conflict and hurt feelings later on.

Do Your Part

Remember, you are all part of a team. Don't expect to have the house cleaned for you or for someone else to do your laundry. Allocate chores among everyone to ensure things are being taken care of.

There are a lot of different ways to do chores. You can divide them up by cost (i.e., amount of rent each person is paying), amount of work, or type of chore (i.e., cleaning, cooking, laundry). However you decide to do it, just make sure it works for everyone.

Final Thoughts

Overall, living with others as an adult can be a positive experience, as long as you work together as a team and trust each other. Just remember to set clear expectations for everyone, respect each other, and do your part. If you strive for that, you will all likely enjoy the company of your roommates and turn your living situation into a stress-free and happy one.

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