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Check Out These Bunk Bed Setups That Let You Save Space!

Having a soft, comfortable bed waiting for you is the best part about coming home from a long day of working or staying out. You deserve that long, sound sleep, right? For you to achieve this, make sure to invest in a bed that offers all the coziness you can ever imagine.

With the continuous developments in the furniture industry, designers and creators developed a wide range of features that add functionality and efficiency to beds. Of the various types of beds you can find today, bunk beds have earned quite the popularity for their innovative qualities and space-saving capabilities.

Fortunately for you, you have come across the ideal article as we’re going to discuss the different adult bunk bed setups available for you to choose from. Let’s get started!

Bunk Beds with Storage and Desks

Bunk beds with storage come with free-standing closets to let you and your roommate store your precious clothes, books, and other items. With this setup, there is no need for you to cramp up a huge wardrobe in your room, and you can easily reserve space for a guest chair or even a study nook.

Side Street

Side street bunk beds are either ready-made from furniture shops or customized by professionals. This bunk bed design comprises two beds connected by a ladder, which leads to the upper bunk. Many customers prefer this attractive bed design, and others even experiment with graffiti-resembling paintings to mimic downtown communities.

Stairs Storage

Another popular option for homeowners who want to save space, a setup of bunk beds with stairs storage has a uniquely beautiful design. The beds come with shelves incorporated into the stairs piled on top of one another. These storage spaces are a great way to add details to the style of the room and a hint of elegance with glass sliding doors, which are either clear or tinted.

Vintage Design

If you are into retro and rustic aesthetics, try vintage bunk beds. They give life to your room and a beautiful way to remind you and your roommate of nostalgic earthy colors from your summer camps way back. You will be surprised by the diversity of vintage designs available in the market today.


The best thing about designing your own space is the freedom to choose every detail that expresses your preference and personality. Since furniture designs have started evolving, more gender-neutral styles and colors have gained popularity in the market. Besides, a white and navy color scheme will surely complement any style you have in your bedroom.


Beds that offer excellent quality are a significant investment for your health and comfort. They ensure you get a night of full and restful sleep and enhance the interiors of your property.

Whether you are shopping for yourself or your kids, there is a wide selection of bunk bed designs for you to choose from. Take this opportunity to discuss with your little one their unique preferences, and you will be surprised by their interesting choices. In addition, we also recommend consulting with the right professionals about safe and efficient designs fit for your child’s age.

If you are on the lookout for the best custom bunk beds, check out our collection at Big Sky Bunks. We specialize in designing high-end handcrafted bunk beds for kids and adults to use. Get in touch with us today!

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