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Big Bunk Beds and Accessories To Add Pizzazz to Your Children’s Room

Big Bunk beds are great at providing extra sleeping spots in a small space. However, one particular challenge that many parents face is how to decorate their children’s rooms. Bunk beds tend to take up a lot of space vertically, which may make it difficult for parents to find ways to spruce up their children’s sleeping space.

The good news is that there are various types of bunk bed accessories available to glam up your children’s room! If it is the first time you are hearing about bunk bed accessories, this article is for you! Read on to identify the different types of bunk accessories to help you decide which ones will work best for your space.

Bunk Bed Accessories To Add Pizzazz to Your Kid’s Room

A boring room will not provide inspiration for young minds. Sprucing up your child’s room with these bunk bed accessories will help them better appreciate their bed and room as a whole.

1 - Bunk Bed Curtains

If you have older kids who need to share a room and a bunk bed, buying them curtains will help them have the much-needed privacy they may be craving. For younger children, bunk bed curtains may provide a feeling of safety because they will feel secure, surrounded by “walls”. Bunk bed curtains come in all sorts of designs and colors that will create a more lively look for the otherwise bland-looking bunk beds.

2 - Organizers and Shelves for Bunks and Loft Beds

No matter how energetic your children are, they may get tired of climbing up and down (especially if they sleep on the top bunk. Providing convenient storage options like organizers and shelving on the bunks will give them a place to store their knick-knacks and other essential things they need without having to come down every now and again.

3 - Nifty Lighting Options for Children’s Bunk Beds, And Adult’s too

If you have little bookworms, buying them some alternative lighting and lamps will be a great idea! They will not need to leave their bunks to turn the light off before turning in after a night of finishing “just one more” chapter.

4 - Stairs Instead of a Ladder for Custom Big Bunk Beds

This will make it easier for the child on the top bunk to climb up and down. It will also provide a more attractive look to the bunk beds as a whole. Crafty stairs will also provide the bunk bedmates to repurpose the stairs and add additional cupboards and closet space for their belongings.

5 - Bunk Bed Tents

While the earlier curtain option may provide some level of privacy, here is another option you may want to consider. Tents will provide the same amount of privacy as curtains but with a more fun twist. Tents are great for younger children to use their imagination! They will be able to create blanket forts and use the tents for other fun games they can play together.


Many children may be disappointed in the fact of needing to share a bedroom with a sibling. Adding decorations will help them appreciate their shared space. These options will provide privacy for your children as well as create a fun and whimsical atmosphere in their bedroom.

Before buying bunk bed accessories, you need to make sure you get the best bunk beds first! Big Sky Bunks makes custom adult bunk beds that are handcrafted in North Idaho. We specialize in high-end bunk beds designed for use by kids and adults. The Big Sky Bunk Bed is built from premium timbers and lumber from around the pacific northwest. Get your custom bunk beds by shopping with us today!

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