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Choosing Between Ladders or Stairs for Bunk Beds

Getting a bunk bed is one of the best decisions you can make for a bedroom. Whether it’s for your child or you’re getting an adult-sized bunk bed, they can save a lot of space and turn an otherwise small bedroom into a more spacious one. However, if you’re shopping for a bunk bed, it can be tough to decide if you’re getting one with stairs or ladders. It may seem like an easy decision at first, but it all comes down to safety, convenience, price, and space availability. If you’re unsure what to choose, this guide should help you decide between a bunk bed with a ladder or stairs.

Ladders vs. Stairs

There are actually a couple of considerations you need to look at when buying a bunk bed and choosing which method would be best to reach the top bunk. Here’s what you need to consider:


One of the biggest things to keep in mind when choosing between stairs or ladders is the age of the person who’s going to use the bunk bed. If you’re buying it for your child, then safety is perhaps your biggest concern here. If your child is between the ages of six and eight, stairs might be a better option to prevent any accidents. What’s great about stairs is they’re popular with kids of any age, so there’s no reason to worry about them outgrowing the stairs.

On the other hand, if it’s for an adult-sized bunk bed, then durability could possibly have more weight to your decision here. While stairs are also perfectly fine for adults, you can save a lot of space if you choose to install just a ladder. Industrial safety rails and ladders are the preferred option for adults since they’re sturdier and don’t take up much space.

Floor Space

As mentioned above, space is a big concern here. The main reason you’re buying a bunk in the first place is to save space. The obvious choice here is a ladder as it doesn’t take up any space at all. However, if you want the bunk to be the room’s centerpiece and fill just enough floor space, then stairs are the way to go. They can also serve as a great storage solution since you can put additional drawers or storage space under the stairs.

Pros and Cons of Stairs

Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the pros and cons of stairs:

  • Stairs are generally safer. They can come with handrails that are perfect for keeping your child safe.

  • Stairs are also much easier to climb, requiring minimal effort for both kids and adults.

  • There’s also that extra storage you can put on your stairs, not to mention they can also serve as a sitting area.

Pros and Cons of Ladders

As for ladders, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages:

  • Ladders allow you to maximize the space-saving feature of bunk beds.

  • They can also save you a lot of money since ladders require little material to build.

  • Ladders can also be removed, which is perfect if you don’t want your child to access the top bunk until they’re older.

  • Flexibility is also one key feature of ladders. If they’re removable, you can practically place them in any position, including the footboard or the side of the bed.


At the end of the day, it’s all up to your preferences and needs. All these factors will be based on your current needs and which option will provide the most comfort for you and your family.

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