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A Complete Guide to Buying the Right Bunk Bed for You

Even the smallest space can be the most comfortable bedroom if you have the right bed. Adult bunk beds have been a reliable choice for creating more space to sleep in, adult bunk beds have been a reliable choice—you can even fit more than four people in a room, depending on your room size!

However, despite the countless benefits of buying a bunk bed, some may still have reservations regarding them due to safety risks and more. As such, it’s crucial to buy an adult bunk bed that’s suitable for your needs and is worth your money!

When shopping for the right bunk bed for your home, remember to:

Measure the Size of Your Room

There’s no use in buying a high-quality bunk bed if it can’t fit in your room, much less through your door, is there? Whether you’re buying bunk beds for adults or children, you must first determine the available space of your room and compare it with the measurements of the bed you’re eyeing.

If you don’t yet have a bunk bed that you’re considering, knowing the ideal bed dimensions for your room will narrow down your options, saving you time and effort in shopping for a bunk bed.

When measuring your room, make sure to include floor space and ceiling height. Remember to leave at least two feet of space between the bunk bed and the ceiling to prevent bumps. Usually, bunk beds are around 5 ½ and 6 feet tall, but there are some exceptions to the rule. Regardless, it would be helpful to bring a measuring tool with you when browsing for adult bunk beds just to be sure.

Choose the Type of Bunk Bed for your Air BNB or VRBO

Bunk beds have different kinds, and we’re not just talking about the variety of designs for the kiddie variants. Be it kiddie or adult bunk beds, they are all made differently and have distinct purposes for every need.

Most bunk beds belong to either of two broad categories, which are basic and lofted—basic bunk beds are available as twin-over-twin and twin-over-full, among others, while lofted beds come with a lofted bed over a futon or a study center.

However, these two categories branch into several subcategories that we recommend you explore. Make sure to take your time browsing for different bunk beds to ensure that you’ll make the right choice.

Determine your Adult Bunk Bed’s Purpose

It goes without saying that all beds are meant for sleeping, but other types can do more than just provide a place to rest. Some adult bunk beds are built with slides intended for playing, while others allow for a third bed to be added to make a corner bunk bed.

The bunk bed market is bigger beyond belief, but only one will be suitable for your needs. Don’t forget to consider all factors and determine whether you want your bed to accommodate your concerns as your family grows and changes.


All it takes is the proper bed to have the best sleep environment and a good night’s sleep! Now that you know what to do before shopping for bunk beds, you’re ready to purchase one. Make sure to buy your bunk beds from a trusted manufacturer so that you’ll be able to sleep soundly every night for the years to come!

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