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5 Reasons Bunk Beds Are Ideal in Small Living Spaces

People living in a small space can benefit the most from bunk beds. By stacking a series of beds on top of each other, more people can sleep within a room yet occupy a space allotted for a single person. Bunk beds used to be just an option relegated to children’s bedrooms. However, in the present time, they have become more popular in smaller spaces.

Even families without children can benefit from bunk beds as they can serve as guest bedding. They can also have additional storage space to allow families to free up their closet or keep the things they do not use anymore. With the right design, a bunk bed can revamp the space.

Size Options

Bunk beds are offered in multiple sizes—twin above twin or twin above full being their most popular options. The two sizes are the most marketed products to provide versatility and functionality. Meanwhile, full-sized beds work best for growing children or visiting adults. It’s large enough to accommodate two sleepers side by side if the need for it arises.

Some manufacturers even offer a queen-sized bottom bed option.

Materials Used

Due to the popularity of bunk beds, some manufacturers allowed customers to have their bunk beds customized according to their preferences. Today, bunk bed frames can be made out of any material, including tubular steel and wooden structures in many colors and designs.

If you prefer stability and durability over how bunk beds look, go for wood. In the long run, wood is a more durable and longer-lasting option than metal, and it also adds a more elegant look for guest rooms. But if you’re looking for a more affordable choice, tubular steel may be the right choice for you. They are simple materials that can save both space and money.

Multi-Purpose Ladders

Ladders are the most popular way to access the top bunk in a bunk bed. While most bunk beds have traditional ladders installed, other manufacturers figured out a way to make them more useful aside from helping people go up and down. Some ladders act as storage spaces for people to store and items they may desire.

Additional Trundle Bed

Trundle beds or pull-out beds can sit low enough to the ground to be stored underneath another bed. It usually has rollers that enable the user to pull the bed from underneath.

For people trying to save on space, trundle beds are great for accommodating more people in a limited space. Most manufacturers can accept requests for an additional trundle bed that goes underneath the bunk bed. Although it’s an added cost, getting more sleeping space in a limited area is worth it.

Extra Storage

Bunk beds can become an extra storage space for every small home. Stairway drawers, stacked drawers added to the foot of the bed, and under-bed storage has become popular places to add a little extra space to a great space saver choice.


Bunk beds are perfect pieces of furniture for those living in a small space. A small space doesn’t have to be cramped. Through bunk beds, it’s time to turn small spaces into a place that can accommodate more than one person and function at the same time.

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