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5 Perfect Reasons to Get Custom Bunk Beds for Your Children

Many adults may likely have their own bunk bed story from when they were still kids, whether it was at camp, in their own bedroom, or at a place that they were staying at. Now that you have your own sets of kids, you might be contemplating getting them a bunk bed for themselves.

Of course, decorating and choosing the fixtures that go into your kid’s bedroom can make quite an impact on the rest of their childhood, so it’s important to choose wisely. It’s normal to be a bit on the fence about what kind of bed style you should get for them, but here are five perfect reasons why custom bunk beds are your best bet for your children:

1) They Improve the Look of a Room

Bunk beds are pretty aesthetically pleasing as is, from the ladder for your kids to climb up on to the classic wood that they’re constructed with. Granted, you may want something a little more luxurious and refined, but the overall appearance of a bunk bed provides character to the room.

How good bunk beds look is proven by how nostalgic you can get when seeing them in the room too. If you’re worried about the kids eventually growing up and out of the bedroom, custom bunk beds can be disassembled and adjusted for their own personal rooms.

2) They Teach Kids How to Share

As mentioned, bunk beds can be divided into two when the time finally comes for your kids to have their own personal space. However, while they’re still young, a bunk bed is a great way of teaching your kids about the importance of sharing.

Learning how to live and help one another is imperative when growing up, and sharing their resting quarters together just does the trick. Such traits of kindness and trustworthiness are something that they are sure to use in other aspects of their life, too.

3) They Save Up Bedroom Space

Bedroom space can be a little tight, and there’s even less to go around when the young ones have to share a room. Luckily, bunk beds are the ultimate space saver that can help in maximizing whatever room area is still available.

Space isn’t the only thing you’ll save either. If you want to cut costs a little bit to put away some money for your kid’s future, a bunk bed only entails one purchase. Having multiple people in a room can help minimize the monthly electric bill too, improving your home’s cost-efficiency.

4) They Offer Extra Storage

Many bunk beds will have extra storage along with them. For kids who may have tons of books, toys, and other goodies, it’d be good to have these secret shelves where they can put away all their things. It’s an uncomplicated cleaning solution that even places the responsibility of tidying up and organizing on your little ones.

5) They Allow Sleepovers

Being a kid entails having a lot of sleepovers with extended family members and friends. Some bunk bed styles can offer up a lot of space, which can be a welcoming room for whoever’s staying the night. If you want to bond a little more with your kids and spend some time with them, there’s sure to be some space right for you, too.


Bunk beds are a great idea for your kids’ room, so push through with it and get one for the home. Be sure to get a model that offers excellent and durable construction for the safety of your children.

Want to browse through some luxury kids bunk beds for your children? Big Sky Bunks offers custom bunk beds that were hand-crafted in North Idaho. Our premium selection is perfect for kids and adults to use. Order yours today!

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