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Effective Ways to Make Bunk Bed Rentals Profitable

The verdict is out: America is facing rapid population growth. This number is not necessarily well-matched in terms of residential space. People are looking for a decent place to stay, especially considering the price points out there don’t cater to all financial classes. This is where bunk beds can come in.

Renting out big bunk beds is a profitable extra income stream, and you wouldn’t even need to charge exorbitant prices to keep it going. There are numerous ways to make use of these bunk beds as a business model.

Put up an Airbnb

Airbnbs are a good way to profit, but you can maximize your rental space better if it can house more individuals. By adding just one or two adult bunk beds to your layout, you can earn more from your property and accommodate larger groups without actually having to shell out for a bigger space.

You can easily set up your bunk-equipped rental house in an area that is welcoming for groups that want to have a vacation or have business in the area. Often, traveling groups prefer to just stay in one place to split their expenses. Creating a comfortable spot with enough room for everyone makes an attractive idea for these groups as opposed to having to find their own separate accommodations.

Alternatively, you can also situate your rental space within high-activity areas, like the city. This makes it great for travelers working on the go. Combine it with good internet access and you can essentially market it as both a co-living and coworking space. This targets teams that need to work together on projects and businesses within the city and need to save on accommodation costs.

Rent Out a Bedspace in Your Own Residence

If you’re comfortable with it, you can even rent out a room from your own home. To cater to budget travelers or lower-income individuals, you can even rent out per bed. It cuts down on their expenses because they only need to pay for either an upper or lower bunk, and you can get some benefit out of that otherwise unused bunkspace.

This particular method works whether you are sleeping in one of the bunks and just want income without a full-on roommate. Young workers and students that need a safe place to sleep without costing an arm and a leg are likely to seek out good bed space options.

Create a Hostel

If you’re planning to go bigger, you can get into hosteling. If you have a property or a large space, you can furnish it with multiple adult bunk beds so you can charge larger groups to stay per bunk.

Unlike the Airbnb method, this one allows you to rent out to various individuals that don’t mind temporary sleeping arrangements with other people. Backpackers, students, and workers alike can room here and enjoy sociable living.


You can really make a buck from a bunk if you make use of it. With these methods, you will not get stuck with long-term leases. You can maintain a reliable stream of profit.

If you’re looking for sturdy child and adult bunk beds for sale, Big Sky Bunks offers various designs with premium timbers and lumber from the pacific northwest. Enjoy comfort, premium aesthetics, and safe construction with us!

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