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Custom Bunk Bed Options for Your Child's Small Bedroom

When you're working with a small space for your child's bedroom, you'll want to optimize it for storage to avoid clutter and maximize every inch possible. For this reason, adding luxury kids' bunk beds to the room will help you make the most of the limited real estate you have, giving you extra storage options while taking advantage of the underused vertical space in the room.

With a bunk bed, you'll free up floor space, keep messes to a minimum, and have enough room to arrange your child's necessities. Not only will you have a smartly organized room, but your child will have a space all to themselves that is distinctly theirs. Here's what you need to know about organizing your child's bedroom with a bunk bed:

The Best Place to Position the Bunk Bed

Bunk beds work best when they are positioned against one wall. That way, you'll have enough open space in the middle of the room while having the opportunity to use the wall for shelving or other storage options in the area below the top bunk. Since bunk beds occupy vertical space, don't put them on walls with windows, as blocking windows makes the space seem smaller since it fills the room with less natural light. Instead, if possible, position the bed on the wall opposite the door to become the room's focal point without blocking the entryway.

Taking Advantage of Under-Bed Storage

You can use the space beneath the top bunk for storage if you're getting a bunk bed for one child. The under-bed area is great for tucking a desk that would otherwise take up valuable space in the bedroom. To add more personality to your child's bedroom, choose cube-style storage units and colorful cloth bins. If your child is older, they'll need space to do their homework, so be sure to provide them with adequate lighting. You can also add a curtain from the top bunk to give them privacy as they work on their desk.

Bunk Beds for Shared Rooms

On the other hand, if you're buying a bunk bed for a shared room, the bottom bunk will be used for the second child. That doesn't mean you can't get creative with the bunk design; you can opt for an L-shaped bunk bed instead of a traditional one, where the bottom is positioned at a right angle to the top bunk. These kinds of bunk beds are best when put in the corners of a room since they create a nook under the top bunk, which you can use to store a desk or a bookshelf.

You can also choose a bunk unit with a tuck-away bed on the bottom, where you can slide a bottom bed from underneath the top bunk when it isn't being used. This option will help you save even more space in a shared room.

Built-In Bunk Beds

Consider a custom built-in bunk if you're still in the planning stages of setting up your child's bedroom. These are designed to look like alcoves directly cut into the wall, resulting in beds that look like they're out of the way, providing lots of space in the middle. Children tend to be enthusiasts of built-in bunk beds because they can decorate them with recessed lighting, paint, and trim to add their personalities to them.


Luxury bunk beds add style and sophistication even to a small space. By considering these bunk bed options for your child's small bedroom while adding personal touches to make it truly theirs, their bedroom will undoubtedly be their favorite place to be in.

Big Sky Bunks specializes in custom bunk beds fit for both adults and children. Whether you need bunk beds for your vacation home, Airbnb, or your primary residence, we'll create luxury bunk beds that will infuse the room with elegance and class. Contact us today to learn more about our bunk beds!

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