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Creative Play Done Right: 3 Ways Your Kids Can Use Bunk Beds

Staying indoors for the foreseeable future means being creative with the things and resources you already have around the house to keep your kids occupied at this time.

Loft or bunk beds offer the advantage of saving space while also serving another practical purpose, a boon to people who have invested in such pieces of furniture. Proactive parents and resourceful children may use these beds to engage in imaginative play or other activities to help pass the time after classes are over, whether at home or in school.

So how can you use a loft or bunk bed beyond sleeping? Here are ways to integrate creative play into your sleeping units at home:

Reading Nooks Using Kids Bunk Bed Spaces

In this day and age, when many children will be absent from school for the most significant part of a year, they must have the opportunity to settle down and interact with books and literature. Since kids are primarily online these days, it puts them at risk of device fatigue.

Child experts also strongly caution parents not to allow kids with their own devices and entertainment stations inside their bedroom where you cannot monitor and protect them. Too much gadget use can also squash their creativity and productivity. For this reason, making their bunk beds a reading nook is not just a great idea but a necessary one to provide alternative play.

If your child has one for their room, set them up with a comfortable chair, a small bookshelf, and perhaps even a desk that can be hidden beneath the bed. This way, they have a comfortable place to go when it's time to do some reading or other school activities away from the distractions of the rest of the house.

Imagination Bunk Bed Station for Childrens Bedrooms and Vacation Rentals

Kids love to use their imagination, and creative play is a great avenue to cultivate that. A loft bed in a child's room may be converted into a functional play area based on what inspires them at the moment. You can choose a theme for their imagination niche, even in a bunk bed, like art supplies or their favorite toys they use for pretend play.

Loft beds are more fun because you can convert the space into a space station, a teepee, a Lego center, a princess-themed hideout, or a make-shift kitchenette for your budding chefs. You can even put the bed underneath and convert the loft into a tree-house-themed space, especially if you live in an apartment or condominium where a backyard is unavailable.

You really can't go wrong with other objects or items around the house to encourage your child's imagination and help them to build an imaginative playscape in the comfort of their bedroom.

Children's Playground Bunk Bed Creations

Cover the top bunk with sheets or blankets to create an enclosed room that may be utilized as a private place for children to play or integrate into their activities as a home, spacecraft, cave, or whatever else their games may require them to be successful.

During the night, keep the cover-up on to gently alter their sleeping arrangements and provide your children with the sensation of "camping" inside. Whatever the case, you allow them to have a space they can call their own—without doing costly renovations!


Even though we are living in changing and challenging times, the current situation provides an opportunity for us to take a second look at the things we have in our homes. Here, we can consider how they can be used or repurposed to keep our children (and ourselves) comfortable and safe inside the house.

Having customized bunk beds for your spaces is a great idea to optimize your area, as maybe you need to turn another room into a work or school from home space and the like. So brainstorm with dependable bunk bed specialists who can best tailor-fit designs adaptable to your growing children and their current needs.

Big Sky Bunks specializes in luxury kids and adult bunk beds and adult-sized bunk beds, guaranteed to be made with excellent craftsmanship and safety. We build bunk beds from North Idaho, with premium timbers and lumber from around the Pacific Northwest to furnish high-end vacation homes, rentals, and bunk rooms. Reach out for a quote today!

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