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Custom 4 Bed Bunk Beds: 5 Tips in Maximizing a Small Kids Room

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Maximizing the capacity of a small room is not always an exciting journey. However, it's possible to have plenty of room for storing, sleeping, and playing without compromising comfort or design with the correct equipment and a little imagination, and the use of custom bunk beds.

Here are five excellent design tips to help you maximize any compact space when designing for a baby and a toddler or two older children:

1. Make Use of the Often Ignored Vertical Space with Custom 4 Bed Bunk Beds

Custom bunk beds are convenient for adding functional and sturdy furniture while freeing up more floor space. Bunk beds can also help increase your room's visible and functional size.

If you have two older children, consider using two bunk beds instead of one single bed to optimize available space. You can customize the bunk beds to have storage spaces or a desk at the bottom your kids can use.

However, if your kids are still young, try a twin over twin bunk bed with guardrails to ensure maximum safety.

In addition, you can request a ladder storage box. This takes up very little floor space and is an excellent storage solution. You can use it for children's toys, seasonal clothes, and the like.

Moreover, make use of as much corner storage space as possible. This solution can make the room feel larger than it is. You might also want to consider an optional staircase attachment if you have older kids.

2. Use Contrasting Textures and Colors to Differentiate Areas

Having a toddler and a baby on the way requires some creative thinking for a two-bedroom home. Making a haven for each child in one's room is the best way to ensure that everyone in the family is happy.

You can use contrasting textures and colors to separate a room. Soft pastels, like yellow, can be used to adorn the baby's crib and changing table. Red or blue can be used to make a statement on the toddler's bed.

Flat sheets and ornamental pillowcases are all you need for a bare mattress. Consider a variety of carpeting styles to create a homey atmosphere that will appeal to your two young children.

3. Make Use of Your Storage Space

You'll need twice as much space in the bedroom for items like clothing and books if you have two kids sharing it. Toys, books, and stuffed animals may all be neatly stored on a vertical bookshelf, which takes up very little floor space.

Furthermore, you can use a chest as extra storage at the foot of your child's crib or bed. The chest should be the same width as the crib to not stick out and take up more room.

Laundry bins are a fantastic alternative for storing shoes, clothing, and even baby onesies. As such, you can keep a well-organized shelf or utilize unused spaces at the bottom of the closet. This greatly helps in reducing closet clutter and optimizing storage space.

4. Invest in a Door Organizer

Getting your smaller children ready for school in the morning may be a difficult task. An inexpensive option to make things more manageable is investing in an organizer for your doors.

It is an excellent solution for storing clothing and shoes without taking more room. Creative design ideas like these are simple to apply but significantly impact the area's overall appearance.

5. Innovate Your Desk Space Use

A tiny area does not always lend itself to the provision of two working desks for your children to share. Instead of attempting to squeeze two more pieces of furniture into your space, try floating desks in the corner of the room with two seats.

In addition, you can install custom cabinets above the desk to store any materials your children constantly need.

Conclusion in 4 Top Bunk Beds, and 6 Bed Bunk Beds

Small spaces may not always be ideal for a multi-child family. However, applying these creative design ideas will work wonders and significantly improve the overall appearance of a room.

Whether you're looking for high-end bunk beds for adults or suitable bunk beds for kids, Big Sky Bunks has everything you need. Adults and children alike can benefit from our custom bunk beds, which are handcrafted in North Idaho. Contact us now for more details on bed specifications and pricing.

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